Short films ideas

Continuing looking at ‘creativity’, over a few weeks, the class were given various tasks to complete that let us be creative and think of ways to create possible story lines from them. The aims of our lessons were to explore ideas for short films using everyday objects.

The class were first given various stories, mainly newspaper article based on true life stories. We were asked to turn them into short films by storyboarding them. We were allowed add scenes.

My group were given an article called “My brother, the stranger”.
We were first asked to think about what unanswered questions are there in the story? Since the newspaper article refers to a woman who was never close to her brother, and when her father sadly passed away she wanted a DNA test to peer into their genetic ancestry. We decided to think of the question as to who was the mother?

The story we came up with was the young girl named Laura gets her DNA results and finds that her brother’s results are linked to a serial killer and he has ran away. Laura tries to search for her brother as she feels she is the only one who will understand him. Once she finds him, she finds herself becoming involved in the chase as the police are after the both of them and it becomes an action pact adventure of the two siblings escaping.
I thought of the idea from taken, because taken 2 was out recently when we were doing this task and the genres connected to:

  • Thriller
  • Drama
  • Action

Below is a storyboard of the idea, I wrote down the first 3 scenes. 🙂

The next lesson, we continued on everyday objects and got into new groups, we had to pick 2 objects from a box and had to storyboard these objects into a new story. My group chose an old telephone and a sand timer. Which then gave us the idea of time travelling. 🙂

`The 2 objects made us think about 1940s second world war, running out of time and youth vs old age. The themes we involved were:

  • childhood,
  • historical background
  • comunication
  • time

The emotions could be:

  • sadness
  • confusion
  • secrets
  • loneliness

Similar films we could think of were:

  • Harry Potter
  • Noir style films
  • Sci-fi/action/thriller/drama films

To storyboard a story we thought of setting it in the 1940s era, with a young jewish 5 year old girl who refuses to leave Germany on the train because she’s lost her special teddy that she has had since she was a baby. The time her train leaves is coming soon and she needs to make it to the UK so she can be safe away from the trouble thats happening in the second world war. Unfortunately she ends up missing her train and is stuck running and hiding to try and find her way to her teddy. The story was going to be based on her adventure and we decided she should find her teddy and shouldnt die but because of the dangerous atmosphere and she’s young and jewish it makes it seem she is likely to get killed but escapes in the end. 🙂

To help us come up with this idea, I bought in a teddy bear that I have had since I was a baby and he means a lot to me. We were asked to bring in an item and I decided on “bear bear” which is what I called him when I was little 🙂
This also reminded me of an idea from a recent film of a talking teddy bear “Ted” 🙂
I also associated my teddy bear with younger children which gave me more ideas or involving young, little girls in a short film and how important a toy can be in their lives.

Bear bear


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